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Raw Data

Raw calcium titration data is posted below.

Day 7 data file, T/R Day 7 data file, W/F
Media:S13-M2D7-TR-Red.txt Media:S12-M2D7-WF-Red.txt
Media:S13-M2D7-TR-Org.txt Media:S13-M2D7-WF-Org.txt
Media:S13-M2D7-TR-Ylw.txt Media:S13-M2D7-WF-Ylw.txt
Media:S13-M2D7-TR-Grn.txt Media:S13-M2D7-WF-Grn.txt
Media:S13-M2D7-TR-Blu.txt Media:S13-M2D7-WF-Blu.txt
N/A Media:S13-M2D7-WF-Pnk.txt
Media:S13-M2D7-TR-Prp.txt Media:S13-M2D7-WF-Prp.txt
Media:S13-M2D7-TR-Plt.txt Media:S13-M2D7-WF-Plt.txt

Analysis, T/R

Please be mindful of significant figures when you fill in this table. Do not state far more precise numbers than you can believe.

Group Colour D24H, E67K, T79P, or M124S? X#Z Mutant Most believable KD; n for WT Most believable KD; n for reference Most believable KD; n for X#Z mutant Comments (e.g., very low fluorescence)

Analysis, W/F