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Here is an example of a gel with all the expected bands, as well as a gel with the needed bands excised.


T/R lab

Here is your recovery gel: TR F1320109 M1D3 recoverygel.BMP

Top Gel (numbers refer to lanes):

  • 1-2 Pink
  • 3-4 Purple
  • 5 MW
  • 6-7 White
  • 8-9 Blue

Bottom Gel (numbers refer to lanes):

  • 1-2 Orange
  • 3-4 Yellow
  • 5 MW
  • 6-7 Green
  • 8-9 Platinum
  • 10 Red

Note: Only a few groups recovered the digested plasmid. For your FNT assignment; Blue & Orange groups should do calculations based upon Pink backbone. Yellow & Green groups should do calculations based upon Purple backbone. Platinum & Red groups should do calculations based upon White backbone. Note: We loaded 20 μL of the solution that you left for us and 20 μL of MW marker was loaded (for a total 1.0 μg).

W/F lab

Recovery gel

Pre-purification gels (for reference/posterity)

Please name your image files according to the convention below, and use the "upload file" link in the left-hand sidebar to upload them. If named correctly, the image file should automatically show up on this page!

Red Group
Orange Group
Yellow Group
Green Group
Blue Group
Pink Group
Purple Group
White Group