Talk:20.109(F12) Pre-Proposal: Engineering Viral Magnetic Nanoparticles for Magnetic Hyperthermic Cancer Therapy

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This is a brainstorming page.
You are very welcome to write any crazy / non-crazy / inventive / conventional / knowledgeable ideas or information you may have about our project.

Some key words:

  • Magnetic Nanoparticles (MNP)
  • Viruses - M13 bacteriophage
  • Magnetic Hyperthermia
  • Bioengineering

What is Magnetic Hyperthermia?


Current Work

Current Limitations (This information will help us shape and define the problem.)

(1) To achieve the necessary rise in temperature with minimal dose of MNP.

In other words, this means:
  • High specific loss power (SLP) of the MNP.

Biomedical potentials of MNP

Current Work in MNP-M13 Bacteriophage Attachment

What we propose to do

Potential Issues

"The actual rotations of the nanoparticles are disordered because the microviscosity of the local environment in cancer cells is not constant, and effective elasticity depends on the binding conditions between nanoparticles and membranes."

Future Directions

Useful Resources