Talk:20.109(F12): Mod 1 Day 5 Examine candidate clones & tissue culture

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T/R lab

Ligation Results

AWESOME WORK!! Congratulations on your success here.
20.109(F12) TR Ligation Results.png
Red Orange Yellow Green
Red M1D5 F12.BMP Orange M1D5 F12.BMP Yellow M1D5 F12.BMP Green M1D5 F12.BMP
Blue Pink Purple
Blue M1D5 F12.BMP Pink M1D5 F12.BMP Purple M1D5 F12.BMP

W/F lab

Red Orange Yellow
Green Blue Pink

Please put your colony count data in the correct row.

Note: "hypothetical data" just shows made-up numbers similar to what you might expect.

Group Colour pCX-EGFP (#) bkb + ins, no lig (#) bkb + lig, no ins (#) bkb + ins, lig 1 (#) bkb + ins, lig 2 (#)
Hypothetical Data 1000 2 20 100 100