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Works at a restaurant Doesn't know much about electricity use

Summary Table

  • $.48 daily usage amount
    • Doesn't really get my question
  • $15 monthly reduction from last year
  • 3.7 kW use per day
    • Hard for him to find the daily cap for aug 2012
    • Confused it with last year's daily average consumption (aug 2011)
    • Maybe take out Average daily use and cost for historical consumption


  • Green area is where you would want to reduce the amount to
    • Did not interpret the speedometer as measuring accumulation, rather as reduction
  • Did not know how to change goals and percent reduction by looking at the remote
    • Seems like this is the only participant who did not get how the remote worked
  • Red means that you're using "more" or too much
  • Did not know what the numbers on the speedometer represented
  • Thought the red dotted line represented normal use
  • Does not know what 2.65 kW/h represented
    • Thought it was referring to the number on the dial
    • Then thought it was referring to the dotted line
  • Understood that 10-110 represented kW consumed
  • Extrapolated that 2.65 kW/h would lead to 50 kWh consumed in a day
  • Understood that yellow meant close to over consumption


  • Did not know what the hypothetical day we were on
    • Maybe make it more salient on the image (thicker border)
    • Possibly change the color of the total $ and total kWh from grey to something else
  • Bill to date: $90.09
  • Consumption: 693
  • Confused cumulative and daily use when asked what the consumption was yesterday
  • Was confused as to why not all the days were filled up
  • Understood what the color scheme was, but could not identify how they were calculated
    • How do we get people to think about the numbers on the summary table with the calendar?


  • Did not understand what the tip was about and how it related to the reduction goal
  • Pointed out that you need to turn the thermostat up to save energy
  • Couldn't figure out how to switch tips using the remote

kWh information

  • The information makes him want to go with CFLs from now on, but he won't see the benefits until 7 years from now or if it really helped or not
    • Either he wasn't thinking clearly or did not think his answers through before telling me. He had a hard time explaining to me why it would have to be 7 years until he saw benefits. He said that he'd have to consider the savings after 7 years