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*The dial should indicate power at the moment, real-time indicator
*The dial should indicate power at the moment, real-time indicator
*Wants a larger calendar / graph
*Wants a larger calendar / graph
*[http://openwetware.org/wiki/Technology_Usability_Testing:Notebook/IHD_field_trial Notes for Technology Usability Testing (IHD_field_trial)]
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*[http://openwetware.org/wiki/User:Jack_Wang/Notebook/IHD_field_trial Go back to IHD_field_trial]

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General Questions


  • Grad student @ UPitt (Theater)

Electricity use

  • Tries to use little of it as possible
  • Online bill
  • Usage $30-40
  • Doesn't know kWh
  • Although he doesn't run the AC often, because his room is located in the basement of a building, he needs to run a dehumidifier which tends to use a lot of electricity


  • Understands the first page is to set a reduction goal
  • The goal marking (next to the number 5) can be clearer
  • Orange means that you're close to over-consuming and not reaching your goal


  • Day by day consumption
    • Might be helpful to see and link to behavior
    • Guesses that monthly and weekly wouldn't be helpful to change behavior
  • $.13 for cost per kWh
  • 1.5 kWh used now


  • Understood which days were on target, close to target, and over consumption
  • Liked the beginning and end of billing period
  • Bill and consumption to date
    • $90.09
    • 693.55 kWh
  • Cost and consumption yesterday
    • $2.95
    • 22.72 kWh
  • Liked the legend to help see which colors corresponded to what
  • Didn't immediately associate the colors to the goal
  • Graph was too small to make anything out of it
  • Down arrows to go back to days and the bar graph
  • The calendar can show you trends in your usage
  • Can you see if you're on track for your reduction goal on the calendar?
    • 10% of what consumption?
    • Should we display the max amount allowed to consume/spend to reach 10%?
    • Should we display the previous month's consumption?
  • Projects that he would use 1000 kWh by the end of the month


  • Thinks the menu button should help you get back to the calendar
  • The reminder is helpful information
  • Should be cycled through every week, as long as its not too repetitive
    • Wasn't clear on what constituted repetitive


  • Believed placement would be best if put next to the thermostat
  • On the refrigerator might be good
  • Not in the living room


  • $100
  • Subscription would depend on how much $
    • Can't be less than savings, but anything before that would be fine
  • Would be less inclined to use it if it had advertisements


  • Still image is hard to get the impression that it was measuring use right now
    • Is it days?
    • Current?
    • What do the numbers mean?
  • The dial should indicate power at the moment, real-time indicator
  • Wants a larger calendar / graph