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Heterocyclic compound implicated in organic synthesis of unnatural amino acids, and most importantly as a miscible (anhydrous) reagent to synthetize N-substituted phenoxyalkylamines (ligands) using orthogonal (multi-step) catalysis of dicarboxilic protected C=C ions (amines) in liquid phase PTC/Ion chromatography.

N-substituted (cis/trans) phenoxyalkylation using Michael reaction of complex amino acids

  • a "alkane isomerisation" type of organic catalysis ? 1
  • isopropanol can donate proton -- an aldehyde like solvent?
  • alkane isomerisation = organic synthesis: L-dopamine, cyclohexylamine, etc..
  • ethics of producing synthetic opioid receptor agonist compounds for human-specific psychotropic experiments?

Related chemicals

  • Benzylamine
  • Isopropanol


1. Kim J., Recent Advances in Asymmetric Phase-Transfer-Catalysis, 2011 p. [1-25]

See also

  • Michael reaction
  • Pictet-Spengler reaction