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===First meeting===
*First meeting
Tuesday (9/20/05) at 3pm, room 68-674<br/>
:Tuesday (9/20/05) at 3pm, room 68-674; [[Synthetic Biology:SWO1minutes|minutes]]
[[Synthetic Biology:SWO1minutes|Minutes]]
*Second meeting
===Second meeting===
:Friday (9/23/05) at 10am, room 68-121; [[Synthetic Biology:SWO2minutes|minutes]]
Friday (9/23/05) at 10am, room 68-121<br/>
[[Synthetic Biology:SWO2minutes|Minutes]]

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This is a part of the effort to provide a standardized, extensible, scalable and machine-processable interface for the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. The ideas of the Semantic Web seem to provide a solution to this problem. The success of developing a Synthetic Biology ontology depends in part on a good definition of the BioBricks abstraction hierarchy.



  • First meeting
Tuesday (9/20/05) at 3pm, room 68-674; minutes
  • Second meeting
Friday (9/23/05) at 10am, room 68-121; minutes



Contact: Ilya Sytchev

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