Synthetic Biology:SB101

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The BioBricks Foundation was invited to run a workshop on "Synthetic Biology with BioBricks Parts" at CSB2008. Reusable educational modules about synthetic biology can be found on this page.

Skeletal draft outline of SB101

  1. Intro
    1. History
    2. Overview
    3. Definitions (ex modularity, standards)
  2. Standard Parts: Goals and Tools
    1. Data sheets (goal)
    2. Measurement (path toward goal)
    3. Repositories
    4. Legal Standards (Freedom)
    5. Production and Use - iGEM (fabs... & codon devices, ginkgo?)
  3. Get involved!
    1. biobricks foundation: volunteer, help steer the ship
    2. igem: do syn bio for real
    3. diybio?