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**Kristala Jones-Prather
**Kristala Jones-Prather
**Tom Knight, EECS and CSAIL
**Tom Knight, EECS and CSAIL
**Alexander van Oudenaarden, Physics
**Ron Weiss, EECS and Molecular Biology
**Ron Weiss, EECS and Molecular Biology

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This is an active list of schools and labs that support graduate study in synthetic biology.
Please add to and revise as appropriate.
Currently, programs are listed by school in alphabetical order.
Example labs and departments are listed too.

  • Boston University
    • Jim Collins, Biomedical Engineering
    • Tim Gardner, Biomedical Engineering
  • Caltech
    • Francis Arnold, Chemical Engineering
    • Michael Elowitz, Biology & Applied Physics
    • Christina Smolke, Chemical Engineering & Bioengineering
  • Duke
    • Lingchong You, Biomedical Engineering
    • Jingdong Tian
  • Harvard Medical School
    • George Church, Genetics
    • Pamela Silver, Systems Biology
  • MIT
    • Angela Belcher, Biological Engineering & Materials Science
    • Drew Endy, Biological Engineering
    • Kristala Jones-Prather
    • Tom Knight, EECS and CSAIL
    • Alexander van Oudenaarden, Physics
  • Princeton
    • Ron Weiss, EECS and Molecular Biology
  • UC Berkeley
    • Adam Arkin, Bioengineering
    • Jay Keasling, Bioengineering & Chemical Engineering
  • UC San Francisco
    • Wendell Lim
    • Chris Voigt
  • UT Austin
    • Andy Ellington
    • Edward Marcotte

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