Synthetic Biology:DNA synthesis order reviews

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In an effort to track the current state of DNA synthesis, please post recent experiences with DNA synthesis companies here. Details on the order are useful but not required. Any information is helpful. If you wish to post a review here, please request an account on OpenWetWare. Or alternatively, send your review to Reshma Shetty and I will post it here.

Information that might be useful to the synthetic biology community includes

  1. Your name and institution
  2. Order
    • Description
    • Approximate length
    • Difficulty (in your estimation, should this have been a hard order to fill or an easy one?)
  3. DNA synthesis company
  4. Experience
    • Cost (both estimated and final)
    • Turnaround time (both estimated and final)
    • Successfully synthesized, synthesized with mutations/errors or not synthesized?
  5. Any other details that might be relevant