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[[SBB10Ntbk-ChrisAnderson | Chris Anderson]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-ChrisAnderson | Chris Anderson]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-Flagellar Display | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-WeiChunHsu| Wei-Chun (Jim) Hsu]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-ompG | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-JennaKelleher| Jenna Kelleher]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-eCPX | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-AmyKristofferson| Amy Kristofferson]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-protein A | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-XiaoY.Liu| Apple Liu ]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-TraT | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-JoseGutierrez | Jose Gutierrez]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-Beta Roll | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-RaffiHagopian | Raffi Hagopian]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-Intimin (native) | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-CarolynKwok | Carolyn Kwok]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-upaG (short) | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-Jeni_Lee | Jeni Lee]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-upaG (long) | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-MichelNofal | Michel Nofal]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-Invasin (native, short) | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-ZhenZongHuang | Zhen Zong Huang]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-Intimin (refactored) | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-Mesa | Kai Mesa]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-ag43 Display (short) | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-Paulina Tran| Paulina Tran]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-TraA Display | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-JoannaChen| Joanna Chen]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-EhaB Autotransporter | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-AndrewSaarni| Andrew Saarni]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-Tsh Autotransporter | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-BenBubenheim| Ben Bubenheim]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-Magnetic Bead Peptide | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-DorothyTulanont| Dorothy Tulanont]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-EspP Autotransporter | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-DanielSedor | Daniel Sedor]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-Beta Helix | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-MaziarBehtash | Maziar Behtash]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-INP repeats | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-JingLuo | Jing Luo]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-Invasin (refactored, long) | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-INP repeats | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-Invasin (refactored, long) | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-Invasin (refactored, long) | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-Invasin (refactored, long) | Your Name]]<br>
[[SBB10Ntbk-Invasin (refactored, long) | Your Name]]<br>

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UC Berkeley BioE140L: SynBio Bootcamp, Spring 2010

You've reached the main page for 2010 SynBio Bootcamp, an undergraduate course taught by Chris Anderson in UC Berkeley's Department of Bioengineering! Our group project is to make DNA modification devices for phagocytic metazoans. Our parts include those needed for a variety of transposon, integrase, and homologous recombination-based devices expressed in E. coli for delivery of DNAs into eukaryotic organisms. The best way to learn more about the project is to look at the individual parts being made on the Projects link.


Construction Files

Sequencing Log

Oligo Log

Personal Pages


Gel pics


Chris Anderson
Wei-Chun (Jim) Hsu
Jenna Kelleher
Amy Kristofferson
Apple Liu
Jose Gutierrez
Raffi Hagopian
Carolyn Kwok
Jeni Lee
Michel Nofal
Zhen Zong Huang
Kai Mesa
Paulina Tran
Joanna Chen
Andrew Saarni
Ben Bubenheim
Dorothy Tulanont
Daniel Sedor
Maziar Behtash
Jing Luo