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UC Berkeley BioE140L: SynBio Bootcamp, Spring 2009

You've reached the main page for 2009 SynBio Bootcamp, an undergraduate course taught by Chris Anderson in UC Berkeley's Department of Bioengineering! Our group project is to make a set cell-surface display parts and a set of test peptides to see if they display. The set of parts includes a list of potentially useful enzymes and peptides as passengers and a list of displayers and spacers that can be fused to these passengers to present them on the surface of the cell.

Construction Files

Sequencing Log

Oligo Log

Personal Pages



Gel pics


Chris Anderson
Vaibhavi Umesh
Madhvi Venkatesh
Jennifer Brophy
Sam Ng
Simina Ticau
David de Renzy
Susan Chen
John Wang
Hank Shih
Dirk van Swaay
Eric Hsieh
Tim Hsiau
Nikhil Sharma
Jong H. Shin
Roger Lowe
Doug Densmore
Sadao Ota
Kamran Ali
Patrick Harrigan
Carlos Rivera-Carpi