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Entry 1: 10 February 2011

Hai gais, amidoinitrite?

Entry 2: 15 February 2011

Today I...

  • Set up all my oligos/templates/buffers in my pcr tubes. I pretty much just followed the first few parts of the PCR cloning protocol, to the letter.

Entry 3: 17 February 2011

Today I...

  • Ran my PCR products on an analytical gel (you know, just to check). Everything was as expected.
  • Did a regular Zymo cleanup on my products. I fear that I may have mislabeled one of my tubes since I had 2 that said sbb1113 and none that said sbb1119. I just changed one to 1119. Let's hope for the best.

Entry 4: 22 February 2011

It looks like someone gave us the wrong buffer or something, according to the prof. I guess he redid everyones products. Lucky!

Anyway, today I...

  • Digested my products with EcoRI and BamHI, according to the digest protocol.
  • Ran a gel and then cut my products out of it. That was pretty interesting, but I think I spent too much time in the UV because my eyes kinda hurt.

Entry 5: 24 February 2011

Today I...

  • Ran a Zymo gel purification, according to protocol.

Entry 6: 1 March 2011

Today I...

  • Ligated my digests into plasmids.
  • Transformed bacteria with the plasmids. Yay! It's like I've got 3 plates full of bacterial pets. I hope they grow up big and strong.

Entry 7: 3 March 2011

Today I...

  • Did a miniprep. Originally I had 12 good colonies (4 vials for each part), but 2 of my 1113s turned pink after I pelleted. Too bad. Also, I had to kill all the bacteria that grew in the vials. So sad. Oh well, they gave up their lives for a greater purpose: my project.

Entry 8: 8 March 2011

I showed up to class an hour-and-a-half late. Stupid alarm.

Anyway, today I...