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Go directly to the videoteleconference site, hosted by UCSF.

SynBERC uses Marratech to make videoteleconference calls. It's good at connecting computers, and alright at connecting VTC systems like Polycom and Tandberg. It's not bad at sharing Powerpoint presentations. To use, first download the software client. When you run it, you'll see that it has an embedded browser of sorts. Hop in and go to You'll be asked for your login, which by default is your name and office number in this caps-sensitive format: KCosta/5104327568 (contact Kevin if you forget it or need a new one). Then click on the link to the private SynBERC room.

Conference room locations and POCs (subject to change):

  • UCB: 977-120 Sudar Auditorium (IP:, POC: Kevin Costa 510-432-7568)
  • MIT: Conference room upstairs from Gwen Wilcox (IP:, POC Clayton Hansworth 617-253-3976)
  • PVAMU: Coleman Library 508 (IP:, POC: Paul Johnson 936-857-2030)
  • UCSF: tbd (maybe Byer Hall 211) (IP:, POC Isaac Conway-Stenzel 415-476-4310)
  • NSF: room name unknown (IP:, Glenn Graham 703-292-8024 or -9114)