SynBERC:Training group/2007 site visit

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Site visit schedule

Discussion on SynBERC itself

Wednesday afternoon

We need to give student feedback to NSF regarding SynBERC. This feedback falls into 4 categories listed below.


  • What is SynBERC good at?


  • What issues does SynBERC need to work on?


  • Where could SynBERC make an impact?


  • What problems can you foresee for SynBERC?

Discussion on standards

Thursday morning

Given that we are all getting together, it would likely be useful to discuss standards in synthetic biology. See previous discussions on standardization.

We need discussion leaders for each of the thrusts below.


  • Where should part-part junctions be located?
    • Promoter boundaries are not fixed currently


  • Under what operating conditions should devices be characterized?
  • What are the common signal carriers for
    • transcripion-based devices
    • translation-based devices
    • post-translational devices
  • What are good reporters for characterization?


  • What strains of E. coli should we use?
  • What strains of yeast?
  • What would an ideal chassis look like?

Testbed systems

Human practice

  • Are there any additional ethical/safety standards specific to synthetic biology to which we should be adhering?