SynBERC:Training group/2007 site visit

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Site visit schedule

Discussion on SynBERC itself

  • Wednesday afternoon

We need to give student feedback to NSF regarding SynBERC. This feedback falls into 4 categories listed below.


  • What is SynBERC good at?


  • What issues does SynBERC need to work on?


  • Where could SynBERC make an impact?


  • What problems can you foresee for SynBERC?

Discussion on standards

  • Thursday morning

Given that we are all getting together, it would likely be useful to discuss standards in synthetic biology.


  • Where should part-part junctions be located?


  • Under what operating conditions should devices be characterized?
  • What are the common signal carriers for
    • transcripion-based devices
    • translation-based devices
    • post-translational devices


  • What strains of E. coli should we use?
  • What strains of yeast?
  • What would an ideal chassis look like?

Testbed systems

Human practice