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Time slots during which the seminar series should not be held
Target times
*Wed 12-2pm EST, 5-7pm EST (MIT)
*Wed: 1pm PST, 4pm EST
*Thurs 4-6pm EST (MIT)
*Thurs 4-5pm PST (UCB, Bioengineering) through mid-March
*Weds 4-5 PST (UCB, Chem-E)
Potential candidate times
middle of March to end of May
*1pm PST, 4pm EST
===Course materials===
===Course materials===

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This is a shared space for SynBERC students, research assistants and post-docs. (Any student, research assistant or post-doc who is affiliated with a SynBERC investigator and does SynBERC-related research is a part of the training group.) You need an OpenWetWare account to edit this page.

What should we do?

What exactly should the SynBERC training group work on? Here is a running list of ideas. Please contribute.

Online discussions regarding the research

Here's a model for discussions that might be valuable to have centering around the work.

Seminar series

A multi-institutional seminar series organized by the students. A mixture of faculty and student speakers (and people from industry?) ~2 talks per institution.


Target times

  • Wed: 1pm PST, 4pm EST

middle of March to end of May

Course materials

Developing new courses around synthetic biology.

Synthetic biology demos

Something based on the bacterial photography system from UCSF and UT Austin or on the mint and banana smelling bacteria from the MIT iGEM team. It would give people a tangible introduction to synthetic biology.

Online games

Online synthetic biology games?


Send email to the following list. You can add yourself to the mailing list with *~~~

This might be a nice way to keep track of all the SynBERC student, research assistant and postdoc members.