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Service lab.png Welcome to the Construction Optimization Group (COG)!

At the last SynBERC retreat SynBERCers decided that solving the challenge of automated DNA assembly/cloning would be a priority for the center. COG will be tasked with drafting a report for the upcoming NSF visit in March(?) that evaluates current assembly approaches and proposes a path forward. This page is just getting started, please add/edit!


  1. Maintain communication across labs on status of automated assembly projects.
  2. Produce a report with evaluation of current assembly approaches and recommendations for going forward.


COG:Meeting 1


  1. What are the goals for COG?
  2. How do we want to do de-breifs on projects on-going in the labs?
    • One group each meeting? Short updates from everyone?
  3. Meeting frequency?
  4. Next steps