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# Select an available drive letter
# Select an available drive letter
# Enter "\\\datadisk" in the "Folder" field
# Enter "\\\datadisk" in the "Folder" field
# Use the appropriate Lab username and Lab password
# Press "Finish".
# Press "Finish".

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Connecting to Datadisk

The lab shared storage is called "Datadisk", and is located at

In Mac OS X:

  1. In the Finder, press Command-K or select Go --> Connect to Server
  2. Type "smb://" in the "Server Address" field
  3. Press "+" to add this to your list of favorite servers, then press "Connect".

In Windows 7:

  1. In an Explorer window, select "Map network drive" from the menu across the top
    1. # In Windows Vista, "Map network drive" is in the "Tools" menu
  2. Select an available drive letter
  3. Enter "\\\datadisk" in the "Folder" field
  4. Use the appropriate Lab username and Lab password
  5. Press "Finish".

Datadisk is a 2x RAID array, and it is manually backed up onto a third, external hard drive every month, so your data should be secure.

Adding a Printer

Our lab has three printers; these are their physical and electronic locations:

  1. Brother Color HL-4570CDW (Lab, Keck 152) --
  2. Brother B&W HL-5370DW (Office, Keck 151) --
  3. HP Color 2605dn (Office, Keck 157) --


Our lab's credentials for Stanford's ChemTracker are bcbundy / chemtracker

ChemTracker is at https://ehsctweb1.stanford.edu/CTv1/webapp_stanford/index.html

Equipment and literature

Literature for the equipment and software in the lab is kept in a file cabinet near the printer in Keck 152. If you receive new equipment or software, please remember to put the literature in this drawer!