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• [[Suggs:Projects|Projects]]<br>
• [[Suggs:Projects|Projects]]<br>
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Our lab is primarily interested in the development of biologically active materials 
and their use and behavior in cardiovascular tissue engineering. It is important to 
understand molecular and cellular mechanisms during processes such as vasculogenesis 
as well as the structure of both natural and synthetic polymers and their effect on 
living tissues. With this fundamental knowledge base, biomaterials can be designed 
to mimic naturally occurring structures found in the supporting extracellular matrix.
We utilize a number of techniques including polymer synthesis and characterization using traditional wet chemistry techniques as well as various biochemical analysis techniques. We culture bone marrow stem cells and evaluate differentiated phenotype and function using immunohistochemistry and PCR. Our lab is also working on developing in vitro models of vascularization based on coronary vessel development during embryogenesis.



48 Picture2.jpg



Contact Us

The University of Texas at Austin
Biomedical Engineering
1 University Station Stop C0800
Austin, TX 78712

Office: CPE 1.110
Phone: 512.232.5803

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