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Media and Solutions - Antibiotic & Resistance Marker Information

Streptomyces @ UEA

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Antibiotic Concentrations and Usage

Name Stock Concentration (mg/ml) Final Concentration (μg/ml) Usage in 10mL (μL) Dissolve in
Ampicillin 100 100 10 sdH20
Apramycin 100 50 5 sdH20
Chloramphenicol 25 25 10 50%-100% EtOH
Hygromycin 50 25 5 sdH20
Kanamycin 100 50 5 sdH20
Nalidixic Acid 25 25 10 0.2M NaOH
Thiostrepton(e) 50 50 10 100% DMSO or 1:1 DMSO:EtOH
Viomycin 30 30 10 sdH20

E.coli Strain & Plasmid Resistance Markers

E.coli Strain Plasmid / Cosmid E.coli Resistance Marker Plasmid Resistance Marker Temperature Sensitive Replicon (ts)
BW25113 pIJ790 (λRED) None cat Replication @ 30C, Loss of λRED @ 37C
DH5α None N/A
DH5α BT340 (FLP Recombinase) None cat / blacarb Initial Replication @ 30C, Induction of FLP Recombinase & loss of plasmid @ 42C, Post recombination growth @37C
ET12567 [dam-13::Tn9] pUZ8002 cat neo
SuperCos 1 neo / blacarb
pIJ773 acc(3)IV