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Hazardous Waste Management

All hazardous waste should be marked with a (completed) red tag and kept in one of our satellite accumulation areas. Once a waste container is full OR you are no longer generating that type of waste, date the red tag and submit a pick-up request form on the EHS Chemical Waste Collection page.

Chemical Inventory (ChemTracker)

We are now required by EHS to keep a detailed inventory of our laboratory chemicals (through ChemTracker).

To access ChemTracker:

  1. Go to the EHS-MS Tools site and click on the "ChemTracker User Login" link (requires MIT certificates).
  2. Click on the "ChemTracker Application Access Page" for consortium members.
  3. Find the row for MIT and click on "ChemTracker V3." This will take you back to an EHS site which will require a username (GREGSTEP) and password (GREGSTEP). This should log you into the ChemTracker application.

To view the list of chemicals:

  1. Click on "Main" in the upper left-hand corner.
  2. Click "Refresh" under "Inventory Access Shortcuts."
  3. Double click on "Stephanopoulous, Gregory" under "Owner Name."

To search for a specific chemical:

  1. Enter your search criteria in the appropriate field (underneath the column marked "Search for").
  2. Click on "English" or "Metric" in the "Search" box. Matching entries will appear on the right-hand side.
  3. To view details for a particular entry, click on the appropriate line, and click on "Item" in the "Details" box.

To view details for a single chemical entry:

  1. Click on the chemical of interest and then click on "Item" in the "Details" box. This will pull up all the information on this item, including its location in the lab.

To add a chemical:

  1. Double-click on any chemical entry to get to the "Inventory Details" window.
  2. Double-click a second time to pull up an "Edit Inventory Information" window.
  3. In the "Data" box, click on "New" to use the current information as a template for a new entry.
  4. Change all the fields to match your new chemical and click on "Save" in the "Data" box.
  5. Indicate number of containers/bottles to add (usually 1),then click Save.

Warning: ChemTracker can be a little finicky, so be patient and remember to press "Enter" (not "Cancel") when editing fields!