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Lab members in Kim Building Courtyard, Summer 2010. Standing, from left: Xiaofeng, Ganesh, Ali, Whitney, Yuting, Alex, Maggie, Elena. Kneeling, from left: Ashish, Tabish, Shilpa. Absent: Emily, Mandana. Click for higher resolution.

Principal investigator

Postdoctoral researcher

  • Ashish Misra (in collaboration with Dr. Gary Coleman, PSLA), 2010-present

Graduate researchers (listed in order of seniority)

  • Shilpa Nargund, Ph.D. candidate, 2008-present
  • Yuting Zheng, Ph.D. candidate, 2009-present
  • Xiaofeng Zhang, Ph.D. candidate, 2010-present
  • Joseph Johnnie, guest member (M.S. candidate with Dr. Mark Austin, Institute for Systems Research)
  • Eli Tung, professional masters' (M.E.) candidate, 2010-present

Laboratory technicians (listed in order of seniority)

  • Tabish Qureshi, professional masters' (M.E.) candidate, 2010-present
  • Ho-Man Yeung, 2010-present

Undergraduate researchers (listed in order of seniority)

  • Whitney Hollinshead, 2010-present
  • Margaret (Maggie) Simons, 2010-present
  • Penghuan (Patrick) Zhou, 2011-present
  • Matthew Conway (researcher with Bioprocess Scale-Up Facility), 2011-present
  • Daniel (Danny) Williams, 2011-present
  • Dennis Tran, 2011-present
  • Michael Kang, 2011-present
  • Lauren Dorsey, 2011-present
  • Jiemin (Jimmie) Wu, 2011-present

Alumni (listed in order of departure from lab)

Name Position in lab Year(s) Last known position
Yasamin Abbaszadeh High school intern 2008 Undergraduate student, University of Maryland (2011)
Jewel Hilliard High school intern 2008-09
Jakub Rajniak Undergraduate (REU) researcher 2009 Undergraduate student, Princeton University (2011)
Susan Chen High school intern 2009-10 Undergraduate student, University of Maryland (2011)
Natasha (Tasha) Solomon High school intern 2009-10
Max Joffe Undergraduate researcher 2009-2010 Graduate student, Vanderbilt University (2011)
Ian MacIntire Undergraduate researcher 2009-2010 Research intern, University of Maryland (2011)
Alexander O'Connell Undergraduate (REU) researcher 2010 Undergraduate student, Cornell University (2011)
Elena Chung Lab technician 2009-2010 Graduate student, Ohio State University (2011)
Mandana Manzari Undergraduate researcher 2010 Undergraduate student, MIT (2010)
Emily Lin Undergraduate researcher 2008-2010 Undergraduate student, University of Maryland (2011)
Ali Eslami Undergraduate researcher 2009-2010
Sam Prager Undergraduate researcher 2010-2011
Julie Schnurr High school intern 2010-2011
Jennifer Au Undergraduate researcher 2010-2011 Graduate student, University of Delaware (2011)
Richard (Ricky) O'Laughlin Undergraduate (REU) researcher 2011 Undergraduate student, The College of New Jersey (2011)
Lab members in ChBE Library, Summer 2010. Standing, from left: Ganesh, Yuting, Elena, Emily, Ashish, Xiaofeng, Tabish. Seated, from left: Whitney, Shilpa, Mandana. Absent: Ali, Maggie. Click for higher resolution.