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Setup the device

  1. Ensure that the valve leading to the 3-way split is in the off position so that no pressure is getting to microfluidic tubes.
  2. Load the tubes leading to the control channels with sterile h20
    • Seem to always get some growth in the control channel anyway, don't suspect that it seriously affects valve performance.
    • If you have recently run the chip many of the control tubes will already be full (not sure how they leak, but they do), so to save time you can pressurize the control tubes and then visually inspect the chip to see which control valves are not filled with water. Then can selectively fill those rather than doing all 32.
    • May also consider just leaving pressure on the control lines if you have <2-3 days between experiments, the loss of gas will be worth your time.

Operate the device

  1. Prepare lysis buffer by adding 10mg/ml Lysozyme to Pierce B-per Reagent.
  2. Spin down an overnight culture of cells at 2000rpm for 2 minutes to bring down large clumps of debris. The cells in the supernatant (which should still be cloudy) will serve as the cells to innoculate the device.