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(Lab Members)
(Lab Members)
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Image:Rose Kantor.jpg
[[Image:Rose Kantor.jpg|left|thumb|[[Rose Kantor]], Junior Scientist|300px]]
[[Rose Kantor, Junior Scientist]]
[[Charlene Fares, Directed Research Student]]
[[Image:Britt hochkant.jpg|left|thumb|[[Brittany Feia]], Work Study Student|300px]]
[[Brittany Feia, Work Study Student]]
[[Image:Charlene Fares hochkant.jpg|left|thumb|[[Charlene Fares]], Directed Research Student|300px]]
[[Jordan Becker, Rotating Graduate Student]]
[[Image:Jordan Becker hochkant.jpg|left|thumb|[[Jordan Becker]], Rotating Graduate Student|300px]]
==Previous Members==
==Previous Members==

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Xenopus laevis

Principle Investigator

Alex Sobeck

Lab Members

Indrajit Chaudhury, Postdoctoral Fellow
Archana Sareen, Postdoctoral Fellow

Nicki Adams, Junior Scientist

Rose Kantor, Junior Scientist

Brittany Feia, Work Study Student
Charlene Fares, Directed Research Student

Jordan Becker, Rotating Graduate Student

Previous Members

Karl Herman

Jill Kleidon