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==How to organize a DLS (Distinguished Lecturer Series)==
==How to organize a DLS (Distinguished Lecturer Series)==

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How to organize a DLS (Distinguished Lecturer Series)

1. Send out invitations (you may use Adam’s template)
2. Print 6 posters (Biomedical Graphics) for distribution to various buildings - Beckman, MB, IMM, CimBio, ICND, MEM (paid by SoF Internal account)
3. Reservation of auditoriums need to be done at least a month in advance.
4. NSI auditorium reservation - Contact: Jessica Colby: colby@nsi.edu
5. Timken Amphitheatre reservation - Contact: Bettie Neff: Neff.Bettie@scrippshealth.org
6. Advertise on biotech calendar- Contact: Lee Klassy: email: lklassy@biotech-calendar.com

Website: http://www.biotech-calendar.com/sdcal/index.html

7. Book Faculty club a few weeks ahead through Ryan Wheeler: email: rwheeler@scripps.edu Tel: 4-9740
8. Nancy from Faculty club coordinates the food for the lunch- Contact: Nancy De Monte: nancys@scripps.edu, Tel: 4-2844 (paid by SoF internal account)
9. Send out email asking postdocs if they would like to have lunch with speaker (~9-14, depending on room available)
10. Call Dave from Biomedical Graphics for AV- 4-8233
11. Plan an itinerary for speaker - meetings with Faculty etc. (ask him first if he would like to meet anyone from TSRI)
12.Pick up speaker from airport or get a limo service. Contact: Dave Tsui: Tel: 858-568-3664
13.Arrange accommodation if needed (we pay for 1 night)
14. Introduce speaker
15. Reception after the talk - food and drinks
16. Dinner with SoF EC (~10 max)
17. Thank you card from SoF and check for $500 (honorarium) to speaker.

Contacts at other Institutes: for advertisements

UCSD: jmoh@ucsd.edu (Jennifer Oh)
Burnham: pteriete@burnham.org (Peter Teriete)
Salk: richard@salk.edu (Stephane Richard)