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(Executive Committee Members)
(Executive Committee Members)
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Ralph Pantophlet [http://www.scripps.edu/directory/index.php?operation=view&r=127790] (IMM)<br>
Ralph Pantophlet [http://www.scripps.edu/directory/index.php?operation=view&r=127790] (IMM)<br>
Jilla Sabeti [http://www.scripps.edu/directory/index.php?operation=view&r=130320] (SP30)<br>
Jilla Sabeti [http://www.scripps.edu/directory/index.php?operation=view&r=130320] (SP30)<br>
Steve Johnson [http://www.scripps.edu/directory/index.php?operation=view&r=129259]<br>
Steve Johnson [http://www.scripps.edu/directory/index.php?operation=view&r=129259] (MB)<br>
George Nicola [http://www.scripps.edu/directory/index.php?operation=view&r=132925]<br>
George Nicola [http://www.scripps.edu/directory/index.php?operation=view&r=132925] (3377)<br>
Neekesh Dharia, ''Website Manager'' [http://www.scripps.edu/directory/index.php?operation=view&r=132607] (ICND)<br>
Neekesh Dharia, ''Website Manager'' [http://www.scripps.edu/directory/index.php?operation=view&r=132607] (ICND)<br>

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About The Society of Fellows


The SoF was founded in 1962 by Dr. Frank Dixon, who went on to become president of the institute. From its inception, the SoF hosted a distinguished lecturer series to enable junior scientists to interact with outstanding researchers in the field. The lecture series remains a key mission of the society today.

Mission Statements

We are a nonprofit, all volunteer organization designed to encourage both professional and social exchange within The Scripps Research Institute, and with postdocs from other academic institutions in the San Diego area.
We establish and maintain a program of communication and information exchange regarding the Institution for all present and former Fellows.
We sponsor a visiting lectureship program attracting scientific leaders in various research areas.

We sponsor a Research Symposium each year for TSRI postdocs, grad students and technical staff to present data to their TSRI colleagues, and compete for monetary awards.


All TSRI graduate students, staff, and current and former postdoctoral fellows are eligible to participate in Society activities and may become part of the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee Officers consists of volunteers elected to the capacities of President, Vice-president, Treasurer, DLS Program Chair, Vendor Show Chair, Social Chair, and Website Manager. A number of non-elected positions also exist within the Executive Committee, particularly as liaisons to other TSRI organizations. Executive Committee members, along with the officers, have voting rights in all SoF decisions.

Please Join Us! All members of the TSRI community (not just postdocs) are eligible to become members of the Executive Committee. No experience is necessary. We have regular meetings on the first Thursday of each month, from 12:00 noon to 1:00pm in the south 5th floor conference room of Beckman (BCC5S, facing the parking lot.) Just show up - lunch is always provided. Please e-mail us, for more information or to be put on the SoF e-mail list to receive updated meeting announcements.

Why join the SoF Executive Committee?

  • Invite and meet a Distinguished Lecturer in your research field:

Get a scientific one-on-one with a leader in your field. Increases your networking potential in your scientific field. Get free meals and a chance to socially interact with the speaker.

  • Help us spend your money:

Organize a social outing and you get to go FREE. All ideas are considered, few have ever been turned down.

  • Get involved with issues that affect postdocs, both here at TSRI and nationally:

Salary issues Benefits and child care issues A chance to go to the National Postdoc Association meeting (and other national meetings) in Washington DC.

  • Get to know other people (postdocs, administrators, students) here at TSRI:

Increase your personal and professional network. Make some new friends.

Executive Committee Members

Olivier Harismendy, President [1] (MEM)
Lars Pache, Vice President [2] (IMM)
Peter Haberz, Treasurer [3] (MB)
Kaustuv Datta, Distinguished Lecturer Series Chair [4] (IMM)
Scott Westenberger, Career Development Chair [5] (ICND)
BinQing Wei, Career Development Co-Chair [6] (BCC)
Stephan Meister, Social Chair [7] (ICND)
Althea Capul, Social Co-Chair [8] (IMM)
Florence Brunel, Vendor Show Chair [9] (CarrB)
Ryan Wheeler, Manager, Postdoctoral Services Office [10]
Roshni Mitra Chintalapati, Newsletter Editor [11] (IMM)
Geza Ambrus-Aikelin [12] (IMM)
Michael Huber [13] (IMM)
Ralph Pantophlet [14] (IMM)
Jilla Sabeti [15] (SP30)
Steve Johnson [16] (MB)
George Nicola [17] (3377)
Neekesh Dharia, Website Manager [18] (ICND)

SoF Alumni