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(Food ideas)
(Food ideas)
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==Food ideas==
==Food ideas==
* Sushi
* Sushi
** Requests - spicy tuna roll,  
** Requests - spicy tuna roll, shrimp tempura roll
* Appetizers from Saladang
* Appetizers from Saladang
** Requests -
** Requests -

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Holiday Wine Night!

Instead of a top-down approach to the holiday party this year, we would like to see if holiday cheer can be an emergent property of component interactions - a bottom-up (or bottoms-up) paradigm. Since wine night was a success (and very easy to organize) I'm proposing that the holiday party be modeled on this idea. That means: bring what you want to drink, plus your favorite appetizers if you want. We can get the CDS account to pick up the tab on this one. We'll also be making cocktails, non-alcoholic libations, and snacks. Tsbayer


  • We need to get finalized on food and drinks by 12/19
  • We need to determine who is bringing what


  • What: Smolke Holiday Lab Party
  • When: Thursday, 21 December - 6:00 pm (WOZIT)
  • Where: Smolke's pad
  • Why: 'Because a lab that drinks together thinks together'
  • Contact: Steph, Travis, CDS
  • What to bring: Wine, beer, other beverages, snacks and apps

Food ideas

  • Sushi
    • Requests - spicy tuna roll, shrimp tempura roll
  • Appetizers from Saladang
    • Requests -
  • Whole Foods pre-made food
    • Requests -
  • Dessert snacks
    • Katie volunteers to make/bring Mississippi Mud Pie, yummy chocolate brownie topped with marshmellow fluff and chocolate icing.

Drink ideas


  • sparking juices


  • moscato
  • port
  • pinot noir


  • Do we want mixed drinks?
  • Do we want blended drinks?

Who's In, who's out?


  • Andrew
  • Arwen and Adam
  • Chase and Amy
  • Christina
  • Joe
  • Josh
  • Katie and Gordie
  • Kevin
  • Kristy
  • Leo
  • Stephanie
  • Travis
  • Yvonne
  • Win


  • Eric
  • Drew

Need to RSVP

  • Jack


  • Who's bringing a guest?

Previous wine nights

7 November 2006

Santa visits the Smolke lab

A postdoc can sub for Santa this year
Travis wants reagents and such