Smolke:Spring cleaning

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Thursday July 3 (8 am - noon or finished):


  • -80oC backup (make space for new E. coli backup rack)
  • Cold room (remove old plates, make sure all plates are organized, general organization, cleaning)
  • Deli fridge and individual 4C
  • Quanta area (and associated cabinet)
  • LC-MS area
  • Gel station (and shelves/drawers)
  • -20 freezer
    • including freezer door
    • main -20, specially all the chemicals that should be stored in air-tight containers (dessicators) but now exposed
    • clear out alumni boxes
  • Sinks (and all the random stuffs on the peg)
  • Both rocking platforms (growing the wrong kind of fungus)
  • Benchtop centrifuges (inside)
  • Floor centrifuge
  • Incubators (standing and shaking)
  • Hoods
  • Food fridges/microwave/dish racks
  • Protocols/user names on Dyad PCR block
  • Protocols, users, and data on Quanta computer
  • Water baths
  • TC room water bath
  • Thin out old tip boxes?
  • Radioactive station/freezer
  • Balances / pH meter area
  • stuff on top of the plate shaker
  • wipe down benches and shelves
  • get rid of any excess stuff that is not needed on benches and shelves
  • sort out pipettes and recover unused pipette sets from people leaving