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11:00 AM BioE 141A (team teaching meeting)
12:00 PM Isis
<br> 12:00 PM Isis
<br>1:00 PM Jay
<br>1:00 PM Jay
<br>2:00 PM Yen-Hsiang
<br>2:00 PM Yen-Hsiang

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2:00 PM Stephanie
3:00 PM Ryan


11:00 AM FPC
12:00 PM Leo (every other Tues)
1:00 PM Kathy
2:00 PM group meeting
3:00 PM Remus
4:00 PM Mike (resched)


12:00 PM BioE Faculty Meeting (every other Wed)


11:00 AM Drew K
12:00 PM Andy
1:00 PM Melina


12:00 PM Isis
1:00 PM Jay
2:00 PM Yen-Hsiang