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Refereed Publications

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Please Note:
An early online correction to (PNAS. 2007. 104:14283-8) has been published here.
Additional detail on data processing and raw data for (Science. 2008. 322:456-60.) is provided here.

Non-Refereed Publications

  1. Thodey K, Smolke CD. 2011. Cell Biology. Bringing it together with RNA. Science. 333: 412-3.
  2. Smolke CD. 2009. Building outside of the box: iGEM and the BioBricks Foundation. Nat. Biotech. 27:1099-102.
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Books and Book Chapters

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Edited Works in Print

  1. Smolke CD, editor. 2009. Handbook for Metabolic Pathway Engineering: Fundamentals (volume I). San Diego: CRC Press.
  2. Smolke CD, editor. 2009. Handbook for Metabolic Pathway Engineering: Tools and Applications (volume II). San Diego: CRC Press.