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*PAN Biacore facility: Agustin Sanchez (auggie@stanford.edu; 650-725-3797)
*PAN Biacore facility: Agustin Sanchez (auggie@stanford.edu; 650-725-3797)
*Emergency (from campus phone x5-5555)
*Emergency (from campus phone x5-5555)
*Biacore PM: 1-800-526-3593 (Labcrew-us@ge.com)

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  • Building Emergency: 723-2281. Call for flooding, electrical problems, lock-outs.
  • Fire and Police: 9-911. Goes directly to PA police, they contact Stanford.
  • Catastrophic Emergency: Meet in the courtyard outside Coupa Cafe.
    • BERT response members: Julie Anderson, Isis Trenchard.
  • Shriram building manager: Ray Hewlett; rhewlett@stanford.edu@stanford.edu; 510-552-1308)
  • Shriram Network/IT Help: 650-498-2222; soeithelp@stanford.edu; action@cs.stanford.edu
  • Shriram Health and Safety (Chemical): Travis Norton (tmnorton@stanford.edu; 650-736-2209)
  • Y2E2 Health and Safety (Biosafety): Brett Haltiwanger (bretth1@stanford.edu; 650-724-7818)
  • Room and projector reservations in SEQ: send email request to seq-services@stanford.edu
  • PAN oligo synthesis facility: Peter Walker (panoligo@stanford.edu; 650-725-5123)
  • PAN DNA sequencing facility: Alberto Lovell (dnaseq@stanford.edu; 650-723-3189)
  • PAN Biacore facility: Agustin Sanchez (auggie@stanford.edu; 650-725-3797)
  • Emergency (from campus phone x5-5555)