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To make:  
To make:  
*Entrees (5 people):
*Entrees (5 people): Josh (GF/vegan)
*Sides (5 people):
*Sides (5 people):
*Dessert (3 people):   
*Dessert (3 people):   

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  • Date
    • December 15: CDS, DE, BT, MJP, JKM, IJT, YHW, RB, JL, MM, JVV, PDJ, KT, JB, DK, LdE, PJ, EAV
  • Alternate Dates
    • December 14: CDS, DE, BT, MSS, JKM, IJT, AC, YHW, RB, JL, MM, JVV, KT, JB, DK, LdE, PJ, EAV
    • December 19: CDS, DE, MJP, MSS, SG, IJT, AC, YHW, JL, MM, PDJ, KT, MEO (maybe), JB, LdE, EAV


  • The Endy-Smolke Residence



  • CDS
  • DE
  • BT
  • MJP
  • Josh (+1)
  • IJT
  • YHW
  • RB
  • JL
  • MM
  • JVV
  • PDJ
  • KT
  • JB
  • DK
  • LdE
  • PJ
  • EAV


SOs are welcome, so please indicate any +1s


Potluck! Here is the general distribution of things we need. Sign up for what you'd like to buy or make. Please bring enough for roughly 10-15 people.

To buy:

  • Drinks, both alcoholic and non. (3 people):
  • Appetizers, eg. cheese and crackers (2 people):
  • Fruits (as snack, dessert or appetizer; 1 person):

To make:

  • Entrees (5 people): Josh (GF/vegan)
  • Sides (5 people):
  • Dessert (3 people):

CDS and DE: TBD (last time: hot choc w/ marshmallows (GF), mulled cider (GF/vegan), homemade eggnog (GF), green beans (vegan/GF), gorgonzola polenta (GF), yam dish (GF), pork stew (GF))


Apples to Apples

that bean trading game