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The dishwasher will be down until at least Friday due to a broken part.

Dishwasher-Autoclave Flasks/Culture Tubes/Glass Cylinders

Team 1/4/7: I suggest that three people be responsible for each wash cycle (~45 minutes of work) - 1 to process the glassware and tubes, 1 to wash with detergent and rinse with tap water, and 1 to rinse with MP water and dry (the dishwasher will serve as a drying rack for the time being and there are additional racks in the cabinet that can be placed on top of paper towels for additional drying space). Any caps, spatulas or plastic lids also need to be washed and rinsed. Culture tubes and 125 mL flasks are highest priority.

Team 2/5/8: Once the glassware is dry, the next team will put away or autoclave glassware as needed with any culture tubes. Culture tubes need to be racked and capped, and glass cylinders and glass flasks up to 1 liter need foil caps. Alert team 4 (or 7) that they can begin washing at this time.

Team 3/6/9: Once the autoclave is finished, the next team will put away autoclaved items. Alert team 5 (or 8) that they can autoclave at this time.

See relevant info in Running the Dishwasher.

see Sterilizing Bacteriological Cultures in Test Tubes

  • Team 1 (wash x 3):
  • Team 2 (autoclave x 1):
  • Team 3 (put away x 1):
  • Team 4 (wash x 3):
  • Team 5 (autoclave x 1):
  • Team 6 (put away x 1):
  • Team 7 (wash x 3):
  • Team 8 (autoclave x 1):
  • Team 9 (put away x 1):