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Date Cooking (2) Cleaning (2) Eating Missing Out
March 18th Yvonne, Leo Joe, Jay Josh, Mike, CDS, Isis, Andrew, Win Midori ,DK, Arwen
April 15th Midori, Isis Joe, Yvonne, Josh Jay, Josh, CDS, Andrew, Mike B. Win
May 28th Mike, Josh Midori, DK Andy, CDS, Isis, DK, Andrew, Allen, Joe, leo, jamie, Doug Yvonne, Bo, Jay, Win, Arwen
June 24th Win, Andrew Isis, Arwen leo, jamie, CDS, Midori, Josh, Andy, Arwen, Mike, Jay, Allen Yvonne, Bo, Joe
August 5th: 4PM BBQ Leo, Midori Andy Win, Andrew, Leo, CDS, Joe, Isis, Doug, Josh, Andy, Jay Yvonne (or ~1 hr late), DK, Bo, Arwen
September 24th Yvonne, Mike, Joe Andy, Isis CDS, Ryan, Midori, Leo, Win, Andrew Josh, DK, Arwen, Jay
October 29th Josh, Arwen Andrew, Jay Yvonne, Andy, Joe, Isis, Midori, Ryan, Mike Win, DK
March 29th (1 PM) Yvonne, Joe Kate,DK Jay, CDS, Josh, Leo, Mike, Isis, Andrew, Kathy, Andy, Ryan, Christopher, Arwen
April 23rd (12 PM) Mike, Isis Ryan , Andy Joe, Yvonne , Jay , Josh, Christina, Leo, Kate, Kathy, Andrew, DK Bo, Arwen, Christopher
June 24th (1 PM) Josh, Kate Jay , Andrew Joe, CDS, Andy, Mike, Christopher, Yvonne, Isis, Yen-Hsiang, DK, Leo, Kathy Bo
October 26th (12 PM) Leo, Joe Kathy, Josh W Josh, Kate, Jay, Josh W, Yvonne, Andy, CDS, Mike, Ryan, Andrew, Brent Drew
March 2nd (? PM) Mike, Stephanie Joe, Kathy, CDS, Megan, PDJ, Josh, Jay, Andy (if at 1pm), Leo, Brent, Derek (if after 12:30 pm), Remus

Chores finished:

  • 0x:
    • Ryan
    • Mike
    • Drew
    • Jay
    • Andrew
  • 1x:
    • Josh W
    • Leo
    • Kathy
    • Josh
    • Andy
    • Yvonne
    • Isis
    • Kate
  • 2x:
    • Joe

Food Items to Avoid

  • Please list anything anyone cannot eat
    • Shellfish - allergy (Yen-HSiang)


  • Can on March 2: CDS, Megan, PDJ, Josh, JAY, Andy (if starting at 1pm), Leo, Brent, Derek (after 12:30 pm), Kathy, remus
  • Can't on March 2: