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| Mike || Kathy ||
| Mike || Kathy ||
! 24-Dec-2010
! 24-Dec-2011
| Melina || Mike ||
| Melina || Mike ||

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How it works

The person with the previous birthday is responsible for bringing the cake (or dessert of choice) for the next birthday. Please save receipts and give to Christina for reimbursement. If you would like to remove yourself from the rotation, please do so. Also, if you need to switch cake duty with others, please arrange that on your own as appropriate. Once you complete your cake duty you can move the indicator for current place in cycle to the next birthday.


Birthdate For Cake Duty Place in Cycle
5-Mar-2010 Isis Christina 10/11/2010
23-May-2010 Jay Isis 10/15/2010
20-July-2010 Ryan Jay 10/21/2010
15-Aug-2010 Josh M Ryan 10/27/2010
26-Aug-2010 Drew K Josh M 10/29/2010
31-Aug-2010 Leo Drew K 11/8/2010
2-Sep-2010 Yvonne Leo 11/19/2010
9-Sep-2010 Joe Yvonne 11/23/2010
21-Sep-2010 Andrew Joe 12/6/2010
4-Oct-2010 Andy Kathy 10/4/2010
13-Oct-2010 Josh W Andy 1/26/2011
25-Nov-2010 Kathy Josh W 2/18/2011
1-Dec-2010 Mike Kate 4/13/2011
26-Dec-2010 Kate Kathy 3/21/2011
26-Dec-2010 Yen-Hsiang Mike 5/9/2011
5-Mar-2011 Isis Yen-Hsiang 6/21/2011
23-May-2011 Jay Isis
20-July-2011 Ryan Jay
15-Aug-2011 Josh Ryan
26-Aug-2011 Drew K Josh
31-Aug-2011 Leo Drew K
9-Sep-2011 Joe Leo
4-Oct-2011 Andy Joe
13-Oct-2011 PDJ Andy
20-Nov-2011 Stephanie PDJ
25-Nov-2011 Kathy Stephanie
1-Dec-2011 Mike Kathy
24-Dec-2011 Melina Mike
26-Dec-2011 Kate Melina
26-Dec-2011 Yen-Hsiang Kate
06-Jan-2012 Megan Yen-Hsiang