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*Don't forget to label
*Doublecheck that antibiotics are in stock
#Set water bath to 50 degrees
#Obtain 500 ml 1.2% LB agar from the media room
#Melt LB in microwave:
#*loosen the cap a lot, lay down paper towels in case of spill, use 50% power (enter time, press Power, 5, Start)
#*monitor as you melt, takes approx. 10 minutes per bottle (if doing 2 or 3 bottles simultaneously, add 5 minutes)
#Cool in waterbath to 50-60 degrees
#Add antibiotics and swirl: (for 500mL of LB Agar)
#*500μL Amp stock (Amp stock = 50mg/ml)
#*1mL Kan stock (Kan stock = 10mg/ml)
#*750μL Gent stock
#*500μL Tet stock
#*500μL Chl stock
#Pour, let stand, label, store in fridge

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