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*Keep buffer/enzyme on ice block for the entire process
*Do calculations based on fresh dna spec reading
*~50ng of backbone and insert (but extra insert can't hurt)
*10μL total volume
*You'll know if it worked after transforming :)
#Add in order: (10μL little pcr-sized tube)
#*?? μL water to bring the total volume to 10μL
#*?? μL cut, cleaned-up insert (whatever necessary to get 50ng or slightly >50 ng)
#*?? μL cut, cleaned-up backbone (whatever necessary to get 50ng)
#*1μL T4 DNA ligase buffer (vortex well before adding, make sure it smells like wet dog)
#*.5μL T4 DNA ligase enzyme
#Leave tubes at room temperature for about 15 minutes

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