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Maybe OpenWetWare is not the right wiki community for you? Here are some other science wiki's. Please add to this list.


  • BioWiki: BioWiki is a wiki farm for various computational biology projects. Maintained by the Holmes lab at UC Berkeley.
  • Wikiomics: Wikiomics is a collection of questions and answers about bioinformatics. With your participation, it will become a central, modern and friendly forum for the worldwide bioinformatics community and all users of bioinformatics.
  • bioWiki: bioWiki is a wiki for questions and answers, for the free expression of your views and opinions from the perspective of a life scientist. BioWiki is part of BioDirectory, a directory of web resources for life scientists


  • Qwiki: Qwiki is a quantum physics wiki devoted to the collective creation of technical content for practicing scientists.