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Maybe OpenWetWare is not the right wiki community for you? Here are some other science wiki's. Please add to this list.


  • BioWiki: BioWiki is a wiki farm for various computational biology projects. Maintained by the Holmes lab at UC Berkeley.
  • Wikiomics: Wikiomics is a collection of questions and answers about bioinformatics. With your participation, it will become a central, modern and friendly forum for the worldwide bioinformatics community and all users of bioinformatics.
  •'s BioWiki is an effort to build a community for life sciences researchers which everyone can edit
  • Wikispecies is meant to become an open, free directory of species
  • Biocrawler
  • Flu Wiki
  • QED wiki, formerly TigerWeb (has data analysis and calendar extensions)
  • MicrobeWiki is a free wiki resource on microbes and microbiology, edited by students at Kenyon College
  • - information about all aspects of the evolution of the genetic code
  • Wikis in C2B2 (Advanced Biological Computing Systems Support) at Columbia University


  • SyntheticPages: Similar to a wiki, "SyntheticPages is a freely available interactive database of synthetic chemistry. We publish practical and reliable organic, organometallic and inorganic chemical synthesis, reactions and procedures deposited by synthetic chemists. Synthetic methods on the site are updated continuously by chemists working in academic and industrial research laboratories."
  • usefulchem is an open source science project in chemistry led by the Bradley Laboratory at Drexel University

Electrical engineering

Circuitopedia is a community effort to share knowledge and resources for analog/RF circuit design


List of medical wikis


  • Qwiki: Qwiki is a quantum physics wiki devoted to the collective creation of technical content for practicing scientists.


  • Wiki Sci is an attempt for researchers to organize research efforts in a task-oriented manner, facilitating much better idea exchange
  • Scholarpedia - the free peer reviewed encyclopedia written by scholars from all around the world
  • Wiki for Professionals are workspace for Semantic Web, enabling real-time knowledge exchange and exploration