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* [[Silver: Programmable chromosomes | Programmable Chromosomes]]
* [[Silver: Programmable chromosomes | Programmable Chromosomes]]
* [[Silver: Publications | Publications]]
* [[Silver: Publications | Publications]]
* [[Silver: UNS-Guided Assembly | UNS-Guided Assembly]]

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Welcome to the Pam Silver lab wiki in OPENWETWARE.

Research Information

Our overarching goal is the rapid and predictable reprogramming of cells of all types. We seek to implement design strategies used by Nature as well as to go where evolution may not readily go. The implications of our work range from developing systems to study biological processes, novel therapeutics and the environment. Although diverse, all projects have an underlying connection.




Images on this page provided by David Savage, Bruno Afonso and Caroline Ajo-Franklin.

Wiki Editing Instructions

Lab members, also visit the secure wiki.