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*Selgrade D, Lohmueller J, Lienert F and Silver PA.  Protein scaffold-activated protein trans-splicing in mammalian cells.  2013.  J American Chem Soc.  In press.
*Selgrade D, Lohmueller J, Lienert F and Silver PA.  Protein scaffold-activated protein trans-splicing in mammalian cells.  2013.  J American Chem Soc.  In press.
*Wang QQ, Moore MJ, Adelmant G, Marto JA and Silver PA.  PQBP1, a factor linked to intellectual disability, affects alternative splicing associated with neurite outgrowth.  2013.  Genes and Dev., in press.
*Wang QQ, Moore MJ, Adelmant G, Marto JA and Silver PA.  PQBP1, a factor linked to intellectual disability, affects alternative splicing associated with neurite outgrowth.  2013.  Genes and Dev., Mar 15;27(6):615-26. doi: 10.1101/gad.212308.112.
*Mattozzi M, Ziesack M, Voges MJ, Silver PA, Way JC.  Expression of the sub-pathways of the Chloroflexus aurantiacus 3-hydroxypropionate carbon fixation bicycle in E. coli: Toward horizontal transfer of autotrophic growth. 2013. Metabolic Eng.,  in press.
*Mattozzi M, Ziesack M, Voges MJ, Silver PA, Way JC.  Expression of the sub-pathways of the Chloroflexus aurantiacus 3-hydroxypropionate carbon fixation bicycle in E. coli: Toward horizontal transfer of autotrophic growth. 2013. Metabolic Eng.,  in press.
*Ford TJ and Silver PA.  Rephrasing the biofuel question.  2013. Microbe, in press.
*Ford TJ and Silver PA.  Rephrasing the biofuel question.  2013. Microbe, in press.

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  • Selgrade D, Lohmueller J, Lienert F and Silver PA. Protein scaffold-activated protein trans-splicing in mammalian cells. 2013. J American Chem Soc. In press.
  • Wang QQ, Moore MJ, Adelmant G, Marto JA and Silver PA. PQBP1, a factor linked to intellectual disability, affects alternative splicing associated with neurite outgrowth. 2013. Genes and Dev., Mar 15;27(6):615-26. doi: 10.1101/gad.212308.112.
  • Mattozzi M, Ziesack M, Voges MJ, Silver PA, Way JC. Expression of the sub-pathways of the Chloroflexus aurantiacus 3-hydroxypropionate carbon fixation bicycle in E. coli: Toward horizontal transfer of autotrophic growth. 2013. Metabolic Eng., in press.
  • Ford TJ and Silver PA. Rephrasing the biofuel question. 2013. Microbe, in press.


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