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#Introduction to R and the working environment
#Introduction to R and the working environment
#Introduction to R studio
#Introduction to R studio
#Introduction to Sweave and 'Reproducible Research'
#Introduction to [http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/research/aedin-culhane/ Sweave] and 'Reproducible Research'
==== Assignment 1 ====
==== Assignment 1 ====

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ShreffLab Internal R analysis course -- 2014


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Quick reference card by E. Paradis

Course Materials

Session 1

  1. Introduction to R and the working environment
  2. Introduction to R studio
  3. Introduction to Sweave and 'Reproducible Research'

Assignment 1

lessons 1-4 here

Archive file containing slides (pdf), data file and R source code.

Launch R file directly (double click) from the uncompressed folder so that the R environment variable is set to that folder, otherwise edit lines 55 and 58 to include the correct path to the data file.

Session 2

Assignment 2

Slides only

Media:R_course_2.zip Slides only

Session 3

Assignment 3

Shows subsetting, some descriptive statistics and some manipulation of graphs.

Archive file here including pdf's of output.

Session 4

Assignment 4


Analysis of JAX pcr data producing scatter and boxplot figures