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Announcing MIT's First Annual
'''Make a mark in the world; don’t leave your mark on it!!
          FREE FOOD: Organic and local sources. FREE: Pollution-FREE, Landfill-Burden-FREE, Emissions-FREE, Cost-FREE!!!
Come check out the Zero Waste Party!!
Lots of sustainable door PRIZES and GAMES
Enjoy a party with your friends without burdening the environment!!
Venue: '''TSMC Lobby,''' Stata Center (near the Question Mark)
Date: '''April 21st, 2006'''
Time: '''5:00 pm to 8:00 pm'''
Cost: FREE
Please: '''Bring your own cup.''' ''Disposable cups will not be served.''
''Some interesting Facts:
- Each individual generates about 1.5 tons of solid waste per year - about
4.5 pounds per person, per day. If we continue this pattern, we'll each
create 90,000 pounds of trash in our lifetime (Resource Conservation
Challenge, EPA, 2002)
- 55.4% of municipal solid waste is landfilled in 2003 (EPA)
- Landfills rank #2 in highest greenhouse gas emissions in the US (after
fossil fuel combustion) (White House Taskforce on Recycling, 1998)
- 1,830,000 tons of disposable plates and cups were used in the US in 1997
(up from 270,000 tons in 1960) (EPA, 1998)
- 58% of municipal waste (by weight) are packaging and containers, or
disposable products such as paper and plastic cups and plates, junk mail,
trash bags, and tissue papers and towels. (EPA, 2003)
Planning an event on campus? Check out the [[MIT_ZeroWasteEvent_PlanningGuide_Wiki | MIT "Zero Waste" Event Planning Guide]]
''Organized jointly by'' '''SfGS''' ''and the'' '''Technology and Policy Student Society (TPSS)'''
[[Students_for_Global_Sustainability_Wiki | SfGS Homepage]]
[http://web.mit.edu/tpss/ TPSS Homepage]
For questions or more information, email Christi: electris AT mit
''Sponsored through a Graduate Student Life Grant
[http://www.mit.edu MIT Homepage]
[[Image:MIT ZWP Wind Poster.jpg]]

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