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Use this Excel template to analyze the data (by calibration):
Use this [http://openwetware.org/images/a/a2/Template_qPCR.xlsx EXCEL TEMPLATE] to analyze the data (by calibration):
[http://openwetware.org/images/a/a2/Template_qPCR.xlsx EXCEL]

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I typically use 10 ng cDNA/Taqman reaction and I deliver 5 μL, so you want a cDNA concentration of 2 ng/μL. For this example I am going to pretend I have 2 samples (X and Y as well as controls NTC and NAC) and I want to probe for 18S, IL-6, and OSM. The 96-well template will look like this:

96-well Taqman.JPG

Row A will probe for 18S (orange), B will probe for IL-6 (green) and C will probe for OSM (purple). So these are the probes you will include in those wells.

1. Dilute your cDNA to 2 ng/μL.

2. Prepare probe master mixes containing:

 12.5 μL universal master mix
  6.25 μL nuclease-free water
  1.25 μL PDAR (probe)

3. Add 20 μL of probe master mix to appropriate wells.

4. Add 5 μL of 2 ng/μL cDNA to appropriate wells.

5. Seal plate with sticky film, spin down, and place into the 7900 HT qPCR machine (see Using the 7900 HT qPCR Machine)

Use this EXCEL TEMPLATE to analyze the data (by calibration):