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[[Dan Bolon]]
[[Dan Bolon]]
[[User:Kathmc|Kathleen McGinness]]
[[user:cmf|Chris Farrell]]
[[user:cmf|Chris Farrell]]
[[user:eyalg|Eyal Gur]]
[[user:eyalg|Eyal Gur]]
[[user:amartin|Andreas Martin]]
[[User:Kathmc|Kathleen McGinness]]
=Former lab members on OWW=
=Former lab members on OWW=

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Official lab website

Lab members on OWW

Dan Bolon

Chris Farrell

Eyal Gur

Andreas Martin

Kathleen McGinness

Former lab members on OWW

Jim Hu


Here we will post protocols that people in the lab generally use. Many of these will be lab-specific protocols, but if you think the protocol you are posting is more generally applicable, please link it to the general Protocols page. Also, if you typically do a variation of the protocol that is posted, please list it on the same page as a separate, alternative protocol. If possible, also try to note why what you do is different.

PLEASE NOTE: Blindly following a protocol is not a good substitute for actually talking to someone who has done the experiment. When posting protocols, please also include the name(s) of people in the lab who will be good to talk to about the protocol.

Sauer:ClpX purification

Sauer:ClpP purification

Sauer:In vitro degradation of GFP-ssrA by ClpXP

Sauer:Expression/purification of 35S-Met proteins

Sauer:In vitro degradation of radiolabeled proteins by ClpXP

Sauer:ATPase assays

Sauer:Western blot

Sauer:Quantitative Western blot

Sauer:Site-directed mutagenesis

Sauer:Competent cell preparation

Sauer:P1vir phage transduction

Sauer:Northern blot

Sauer:Silver staining

Sauer:In vivo tmRNA tagging assays

Equipment (Sauer lab)

Please list here the equipment we have in our lab and the appropriate contact person for that piece of equipment. If it is something a lot of people use, also list other people that may be able to help out if there are any questions.

Sauer:Thermocyclers (PCR machines)





Sauer:Plate reader

Sauer:Analytical ultracentrifuge

Sauer:CD spectrometer

Sauer:Gel dryer



Sauer:Milli-Q water system




Equipment (other labs)

Please list here equipment that we use in other labs along with a contact person in our lab and a contact person in the other lab. Tips on how reserving/using the equipment works would also be helpful i.e. do we need training on the equipment?.

Gel imager (Endy lab)

Smart system (Bell lab)

Phosphorimager (Baker lab)

Fluorimager (Baker lab)