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{{Sauer lab sidebar}}
=Equipment (Sauer lab)=
Please list here the equipment we have in our lab and the appropriate contact person for that piece of equipment. If it is something a lot of people use, also list other people that may be able to help out if there are any questions.
[[Sauer:Thermocyclers (PCR machines)|Thermocyclers (PCR machines)]]
[[Sauer:Plate reader|Plate reader]]
[[Sauer:Analytical ultracentrifuge|Analytical ultracentrifuge]]
[[Sauer:CD spectrometer|CD spectrometer]]
[[Sauer:Gel dryer|Gel dryer]]
[[Sauer:Milli-Q water system|Milli-Q]]
=Equipment (other labs)=
Please list here equipment that we use in other labs along with a contact person in our lab and a contact person in the other lab. Tips on how reserving/using the equipment works would also be helpful i.e. do we need training on the equipment?.
[[Endy:Gel imager|Gel imager (Endy lab)]]
[[Bell:Smart system|Smart system (Bell lab)]]
[[Baker:Phosphorimager|Phosphorimager (Baker lab)]]
[[Baker:Fluorimager|Fluorimager (Baker lab)]]

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