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| test||44||45.3
| test||44||45.3

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Expanding a template

based on Template:FileDescription: {{FileDescription | name=NAME | date=20081012 | description=Hello I'm a description | comment=Hello I'm a comment }}


DescriptionHello I'm a description
CommentHello I'm a comment
this 17 3.44
is 29 2.33
a 39 5.31
test 44 45.3

--Lindenb 10:01, 8 December 2008 (EST)

Volunteer: Julie Norville Date: (signed up) January 26, 2009-(expects to be active till) 2010 Bio: a graduate student at MIT Contact: diyoutreach at gmail dot com (if you do not want this listed, you may put confidential-contact DIYoutreach and send your contact info to diyoutreach at gmail dot com) Interests: Developing cheap biological tools and teaching materials University affiliations: MIT (current), Caltech (alumna) Geographical location: Boston area

Below is one image.