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THE STEM (Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope) FACILITY

at Brookhaven National Laboratory

The STEM is an NIH Research Resource and as such is available to outside users with appropriate projects free of charge.

See our web page for details.


Our web page (link given above) has essentially all the useful information about the facility and its use.

We will try to use this page for transient information, such as announcements and "news".


STEM Users who use the STEM PCMass programs for analyses and viewing, should be using a relatively recent version, say PCMass28 or some PCMass29. The newer versions are much more user-friendly and also have more tutorials.

There should be a new, complete, PCMass29 soon.




Sept. 11-13, 2007

Sponsored by the Brookhaven National Lab STEM (scanning transmission EM) Facility

A Hands-on Tutorial that will cover both theory and practice.

Topics will include:

  • Gold nanoparticles: structure, synthesis, and properties
  • Molecular labeling strategies (to amines, thiols, genetic tags, active sites, complexes, nucleic acids, peptides)
  • Ni-NTA-gold
  • Sizes of gold from 0.8 nm to 30 nm
  • Isolation of labeled products (various chromatographies and other methods)
  • Unstained, negatively stained and Cryo samples
  • Comparison of STEM and TEM
  • Silver and gold enhancement
  • Image processing using gold labels
  • Problems and how to overcome them (e.g., labeling yield/occupancy, non-specific binding)
  • Other uses of gold nanoparticles (Western blots, light microscopy, medicine)
  • Laboratory participation to gold label a protein for EM
  • What’s new

Limited Enrollment (12) due to lab space:

  • A course fee of $650 covers housing, meals (dorm, cafeteria), and materials.

Proposals to attend will be refereed:

  • submit CV and letter describing you and your lab’s labeling interest.

Optionally describe a sample of yours that, if selected, would be labeled during the course. Submit registration request by July 1 to:

  • Dr. James Hainfeld by email:

Brookhaven National Laboratory, Biology Dept., Bldg. 463, Upton, NY 11973, USA Tel. 631-344-3372 * Fax. 631-344-3407


Most users mail (ON Express) their samples. Frozen samples, in a well-insulated package with lots of dry ice, will stay frozen for many days -- long enough to clear customs if they are from abroad. A sample package is shown below (held by Joe and Beth):

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The annual STEM/EM Workshop was held Friday, April 27th, at the end of the RapiData Crystallography course.